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Micro-Mac is your answer for WWW programming and web page creation. We specialize in PERL CGI programming and HTML page generation. If your needs are for simple HTML pages and/or for complex situations that require unique programs, then Micro-Mac can provide a solution for you.

For an example of an extensive, PERL programmed site, (just about every page is generated dynamically), visit Martha's Vineyard Real Estate and Vacation Rentals! and follow the various links presented there.

RESource Rental
RESource Rental is the latest vacation rental software program written by Jim Teixeira and Charlie Layman. They have collaborated to design a rental management program that provides all of the benefits of Internet based software combined with a simple, easy to use interface.

Your rental data base is stored at our web site and you can access it anytime from your office or from your home. The interface looks and works much like RESource that is presently in use for the LINK system on Martha's Vineyard and its operation is very similar. In addition, your customers can search the rental data base on their own through a simple Internet browser interface. This means that you can let them do the work of searching for a suitable rental.

You can get more information about RESource Rental on-line. For details, or to arrange for a demonstration in your office, please contact Liza Thorn Smith by phone at 508.627.0507 or by email at thornsmith@hotmail.com.

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