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RESource Rental Manual


RESource Rental

RESource Rental is a vacation rental software program written to provide state-of-the-art rental property management. Jim Teixeira (author of RESource 1 and RESource 2) and Charlie Layman (proprietor of the Mailroom @ Edgartown) have collaborated to design a rental management program that provides all of the benefits of Internet based software combined with a simple, easy to use interface.

Your rental data base is stored at our web site and you can access it anytime from your office or from your home. The interface looks and works much like RESource that most of you presently use for the LINK system and its operation is very similar. In addition, your customers can search the rental data base on their own through a simple Internet browser interface. This means that you can let them do the work of searching for a suitable rental.

Once a customer has selected a rental and its availability is confirmed, the next step of preparing the lease is the simplest of all. With just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks a lease is completed. You can preview the lease and modify its text to suit. The lease can then be printed or E-Mailed to the customer. All transmittal letters can also be previewed and modified if necessary.

RESource Rental uses a unique template that stores the lease and all transmittal letters. This template can be changed by you to suit your particular needs.

RESource Rental maintains four separate data bases stored on the Internet:

  1. The main rental data base which contains all of the data associated with the rental. This includes the calendar availability and rate information for three years (current year, previous year, and next year), all features of the rental, description, directions, lease addendum, a map showing the location of the rental and up to nine photos.
  2. An owner data base containing the name, address, telephone/fax numbers, Social Security Number and E-Mail address of the owners and any specific comments. An owner need only be entered once regardless of how many rentals you have for that owner.
  3. A customer data base containing similar data (except for the Social Security Number). Plus, the customer data base keeps a history of the rental listing sheets seen by a customer.
  4. A lease data base which actually ties all of the other data bases together. This data base contains, in addition to the customer/owner/rental data for the lease, a record of the transactions related to the lease and the current status of the lease. This data base lets you easily track where the lease is in its cycle (pending customer or owner signature, pending payments etc.). It also keeps the financial data for distributing agent commissions and owner 1099 forms.

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