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The following sections described the general operation of RESource Rental.

Fig 1
Figure 1

This is the start up screen that appears after you log onto RESource Rental.

The following sections will describe what each button does starting with the most common operation - processing a rental that meets a customer's requirements. This process starts with the agent searching the rental data base for suitable rentals, printing sheets or e-mailing listing sheets to the customer, processing a lease and finally obtaining deposits and signed leases.

This process assumes that the RESource Rental data base contains the rental data for each property in the agency portfolio. Following sections of this manual describe how to enter rental and owner data into the system, how to obtain various reports in order to manage the system, and finally the customer-side interface where the customer can search the rental data base himself and select suitable rentals. (Naturally the customer must go through one of your agents to complete the deal.)

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