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A typical rental transaction might be as follows:

A customer calls looking for a rental in the $2000 to $2500 price range, in Edgartown or Oak Bluffs for two weeks in early August. In addition, the rental must sleep 8 and have 4 bedrooms.

Normally the agent should start the process by recording the customer information. The agent should establish whether the customer is presently in the data base (either by asking or by pressing the "Find Customer" button). If the customer is new to the firm, the agent can press the "Enter Customer" button and the following screen will appear:

Fig 2
Figure 2

This screen contains data required for later making a lease and for contacting the customer. Also included is a "Customer History" showing previous rental properties sent to the customer. Certain fields are required as they are needed to process a lease. These are marked with a "**" and include first and last name, lease name (the name as it will appear on the lease), and full address information.

The agent can fill in this screen and then press the "FIND RENTALS" button. (If the customer is a return customer and wants a previous year's rental, the agent can press the "FIND LEASES" button to find where the customer stayed previously.)

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