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Data Entry Into RESource Rental

Data can be directly entered into three of the RESource Rental data bases: the owner, customer, rental and lease data bases. Data entry for the customer and lease was described in the previous sections. Data entry for the owner data base is similar to that for the customer data base. Pressing "Enter Owner" on the main screen (Figure 1) produces the following:

Fig 29
Figure 29

This screen is nearly identical to the customer data entry screen (Figure 2), the main difference is the inclusion of the owner Social Security Number which will be needed for the IRS 1099 forms and the lack of a customer history box.

Notice that on this screen as well as the customer screen certain fields are required to be input. There are marked by "**" and include "Last Name", "First Name", "Lease Name" (this is the full name as it will appear on the lease), "Address 1", "City", "State", "ZIP" and "Agent Name". Although the SSN is not a required field (since the owner may be a foreign national) it should be entered if available.

The remaining fields are optional and are provided for convenience in contacting the owner (or customer), The "Status" field has three states:

  1. Active - the owner (or customer) is presently active.
  2. Temp. Inactive - the owner (or customer) is not currently active but may become active in the future.
  3. Remove - The owner (or customer) is permanently removed from the system.

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