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The Customer Data Screen

The Customer Data Screen contains an area called Customer History which is shown below.

Fig 39
Figure 39

This area can be used to keep a history or rentals that were either sent to a customer via E-Mail or by regular mail. When rental listings are E-Mailed or printed, this history screen will contain a list of these rentals (as long as a customer is associated with the rentals) and the date they were E-Mailed or printed. The status initially will be "Waiting" indicating that the customer has not responded to the transmittal. When the customer calls back after reviewing the rental listings, the individual rentals in the list can be assigned a customer priority of from 1 to 5 or "N" for not interested. Note that you may assign more than one rental with the same priority if for example the customer likes two rentals equally well. To assign the priority, simple click on the rental in the list to highlight it and press the desired status button.

If a customer has gone to your web site and found rentals that he liked and calls in Prop IDs for those rentals, Use the "Add PropID" button to add these to the Customer History.

At any time you can review the rentals by pressing the "View" button or print a summary of the history by pressing the "Print" button. If no rentals are selected, the entire list will be viewed or printed. If one or more rentals are selected (select by clicking on each one) only those will be viewed or printed. (Rentals can be removed from the list in a similar fashion by pressing the "Remove" button.)

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