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RESource Rental will provide many types of reports that you use to manage the system. Many of these are available via the various print screens. For example, when you do a rental search, select some or all properties, and press the "Print" button, one of the options is "Print Listing Summary." This will print, in list form, key data about the property including owner contact information and a mini-calendar. Similar summary reports are available for owners, customers and leases in the same way.

Prior to printing any report, you may want to sort the report items by owner, agent, etc. If the title above a list column is in blue, clicking on that title will sort the data by the column name. Note that the customer and owner search screens are initially sorted by the customer or owner last name. Properties and leases are initially sorted by their ID number which is a chronological sort based on their creation date.

The "Reports" button on the main screen (Figure 1) is used to provide owner 1099 form data. It will generate reports as shown on the following screen:

Fig 40
Figure 40

Three types of 1099 form can be created:

  1. Money sent to the owner by the agency based on the date sent to the owner. This report will not include money sent to the owner by the customer.
  2. The total rent received by the owner based on the calendar year of the start of the rental period regardless of who sent the money to the owner.
  3. The money paid to the booking agent based on the date of payment.
In either case of owner payments, the agency commission is deducted by default. This may be overridden by checking the "Include Agency Commission in 1099" box.

These reports use data from the lease data base so it is important that the payment to owner and payment to agent fields properly reflect the amounts and times of these payments.

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