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Quick Tips

Data base searches

All search criteria screens (for example "Find Owner") have several shortcuts. You need only enter the first few letters of the name. This may result in several owners being found but you can select the correct one from the list. If you leave all selection fields blank, all owners will be found. Customer, rentals and leases behave the same way.


Several types of reports are available within RESource Rental. Most of these are labeled "Summary…" in the Print function for rentals, owners, customers and leases. Each of these summaries prints the data in list form with key information about each subject.

A button on the main screen labeled "Reports" will generate owner and agent 1099 data.

Lease processing

The lease record is the primary repository for all transactions between customer, owner and agency. It is important to keep this record up to date as transactions occur. For example, when a payment is sent to the owner, it should be recorded by entering the date of the transaction in the lease record. The 1099 report obtains its source data from these records.

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