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Date Range

Users can specify a desired from-to date range along with the number of nights required. Or to make things easier, they can simply ask for a particular month(s) and year. The years default to the current year and the following year. For example, the user can request 7 nights in the date range Aug 1, 2003 to Aug 20, 2003.


All the searchable towns are shown here. Menemsha, Katama, East Chop, and/or West Chop can be eliminated from the list via the RESource Rental Administration configuration screen. Users can select any combination of towns they wish or they can search the default Any Town.

Amenities and Location

All the searchable amenities and location parameters are show here. These parameters are totally configurable via the RESource Rental Administration configuration screen in that any of these amenities or locations can be eliminated from the lists. If no amenities or locations are configured, then these boxes will not appear on the search screen.


This button takes the users back to the page they came here from.

List Your Rental With Us

This button brings up a form that users can fill in if they desire to have their rental property listed with your firm. The form automatically gets emailed to your firm.


Once the users specify search parameters, they hit the Find button to get the results of the search. Typical results are shown here:

Fig 42
Figure 42

The results can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on a column header. Also, the Town-Address is configurable in that the address can be removed by unchecking the box next to "Rental address on data sheet" in the RESource Rental Administration configuration screen. In this case the header will be just Town and the towns will be spelled out in full.

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