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If there are additional photos associated with a particular rental, then the line above the photo will appear that users can click on, or they can scroll down, to see the photos.

You can scroll to additional listing sheets by hitting the Next/Prev buttons at the top. If users wish to request additional information about a particular rental, they hit the Request button to bring up a simple form they fill in and it gets emailed to the agency. If users wish to send a copy of the listing sheet to a friend, they hit the E-Mail button, fill in a simple form and an email message is sent to their friend. This makes for an easy way to get rental information into other's hands.


The users can also view an availability calendar similar to the one in RESource Rental by hitting the Calendar button at the top.

Fig 44
Figure 44

The calendar defaults to showing the current season (the first two months are shown here). Users can hit buttons at the top to see the full year, the previous year or next year calendars. The weekly and monthly rates, turnover day, and minimum stay are taken out of the RESource Rental data base. The owner of the rental can update the calendar information by hitting the Update button, as long as the agency has provided a password. The updated information gets emailed to the agency for incorporation into the data base.

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